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Gifts are not necessary but always appreciated. If you decide that want to spoil me but don't know where to start, you can never go wrong with the right Gift Card.  And before you will always score big with Victoria's Secret. Some of my other favorite places to shop are BrightonCoachThe Body ShopSephora, and M.A.C.. I'm a big fan of True Religion Jeans and Christian Louboutin shoes (what woman doesn't have a thing for those red soles). When I travel, I like to stay at one of the Marriott Hotels, they have the most comfortable beds, that's for sure!  I have to admit that I am an ebay and Amazon junkie, and there is a site called Delivery Code where you can add any item from any website and it keeps it all stored nice and neatly together for you in one place. Great idea, kudos to whoever came up with it! 

I need to throw something in real quick please because it was an issue recently. So here I am, back with another edit to this website (it's never ending, I swear, lol). When it comes to gifts, I have to ask that if you decide you want to bring something, please don't ask me to accept it in lieu of a portion of your contribution. When you do this, it is no longer a gift, it would be considered part of your contribution. I do not accept goods or services as a form of your contribution, cash only. Asking me to accept it any other way also starts a negotiation of sorts, which is also a big no-no, so please keep that in mind. The moral of the story is simply this.....your contribution is cash only in the amount listed on the Contributions page, a gift is something extra, above and beyond. Please differentiate between the two so that we can avoid an uncomfortable situation where I feel like the bad guy. Sydney prefers to be the good girl, perhaps a little on the naughty side, but I definitely don't like being the bad guy! ;-) Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated.