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About Me

If you appreciate a lady that has a bit of timeless age, wisdom and experience on her side, then look no further. I am a true chameleon in the sense that I can support you in any situation, both publicly and in private. I can put on a dress and accompany you to an intimate dinner party or a formal event. I will jump on a plane headed for adventure, or throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to hit the local movie theater. I value my anonymity and I will always respect yours. I am a low volume Consultant that chooses a high quality of clientele whom I feel, I can make a genuine connection with, and often times, form a friendship.  During our initial meeting, I require some get acquainted time in which we will learn a little bit about each other and the things we enjoy. An intelligent conversation and some laughter serve as a seduction of the mind and are an essential part of the process that enables me to establish the necessary level of comfort needed in order to interact with you in a way that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations. 

I am not a big fan of makeup, and although I do wear it, I am a minimulist, at best. I have long blond hair, radiant blue eyes, and a charismatic personality that people truly enjoy being around. When we meet, you can expect me to be dressed casual and comfortable. I am addicted to expensive jeans, and I don't care what anybody says, you can feel the difference! While I do love my 5" heels, my very favorite shoes include Converse, Vans, and Uggs. My favorite flower is a Sterling Rose and I am a true animal lover whose house would not be a home unless there are a couple of pups roaming around. When eating out is on the agenda, I will almost always pick a great sushi place or a well known steak and seafood house. I love my morning coffee, a good bottle of wine, dirty vodka martinis on the rocks with a couple olives, and oysters on the half shell. My guilty pleasures, aside of the obvious, is salted carmel icecream, yum!

My laughter is contagious and I enjoy a person that has a good sense of humor. I am best suited for a classy but casual man, preferably over the age of 40, who is caring, unselfish, and likes to get to know the woman he chooses to consult with professionally. I love meeting new people, but cherish those who continue to spend time with me on a regular basis. I have a true passion for life and enjoy sharing that. I possess a rare and unique quality that mixed with the proper chemistry, enables me to respond to your ideas in a way that will not only innovate, but inspire you. I sincerely love what I do and I strive to make each encounter memorable and mutually gratifying. I want us to enjoy our time together and always look forward to the next moment we meet with eager anticipation.   

Sydney Wilder aka Sydney Wild
Phoenix, AZ
5' 5"
130 lbs
A few
A few
Confidence, good hygiene, respect, a sense of humor, positive attitude, the smell of a man wearing cologne, an honest love for animals, smart businessmen, and the rugged bad-boy type.
Bad breath, poor hygiene, aggressiveness, rude behavior, insecurity, road rage, cigarettes, attempts to negotiate or bargain my contribution, bad manners, arrogance, selfishness, and disrespect for my personal time and space.
Cash (preferred), PayPal also available.
Men and M/F Couples
The feel of a mans hand when he lightly places it on the small of my back as he escorts me through a doorway or a crowd of people, justly slightly in front of him.