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The following is probably the most important, intended to make things go as smoothly as possible when we meet, and is beneficial to our successful communication leading up to that moment. Please take advantage of the time I spent on it and read through it. 

  • When contacting me by text message, please start with your name and the primary website you belong to and/or found me on originally. When trying to make arrangements with me, I would very much like it if you are considerate. Meaning, please do not abrubtly end communication because one of my answers doesn't suit you. Just tell me I live too far, it's not a big deal. 
  • I think in all fairness, if you are anything other than caucasion, you should let me know. It's not because I'm racist or anything remotely close, but there is a matter of personal preference that everybody is entitled to. More imporantly, I like to know what to expect when the door opens. If you have a disability, I would like the same courtesy. If you take offense to this, I apologize because that is not my intention at all. 
  • I will not discuss services or a menu with you at all. Primarily because I do not have one and it feels  inappropriate to me. Should you choose to ignore the fact, our conversation will probably end quickly. I prefer to let things flow naturally without feeling the pressure of a checklist. 
  • Do not ask for explicit photographs from me, I will not send any. Please do not send explicit photographs of yourself to me for any reason, at any time. If you would like to request a photo that includes my face, be advised that you will have to be willing to send one to me of yourself, first. 
  • My considerations requirements are non-negotiable. I do not offer meetings of less than an hour so please do not ask. I do not like feeling rushed. If you are a busy professional and cannot stay the full hour, I will not be offended. However, the donation will remain the same as if it is for the entire hour. If you are in a hurry, then I am probably not the girl for you.
  • I cover this again in another section because it's important to me. I would love it if you schedule yourself 30 minutes prior to when you actually plan on arriving. If I am coming to you, same thing, 30 minutes prior to when you would actually like me to arrive. For example, if 5:00pm is the time that you would like to see me, schedule for 4:30pm. This is helpful for me and it isn't anything we need to discuss, simply do it please. If you must know, I struggle with being on time, but you can be guaranteed that this will ensure that I am. You won't need to send me a message to remind me of this and I promise you that I won't ever consider you at fault or be upset. Rest assured, I will be grateful and you won't ever have to be kept waiting. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this matter.
  • In the hour leading up to our appointment, PLEASE keep all texting and calls to the bare minimum. It is absolutely impossible for me to get ready and communicate with you at the same time.
  • Please do not arrive early for our appointment because I am rarely prepared for that. If you are going to be later than our "scheduled" time, please let me know, but it is usually not anything that bothers me. If you have to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make other arrangements for my time. And if for some reason you forget to let me know you aren't going to make it, please do not ignore my calls or texts, life happens, I can respect that, just don't leave me hanging wondering what happened to you.
  • Although wardrobe and special requests are welcomed, they are not guaranteed. I will do my best to accomodate your wishes but if this is not possible, I will let you know. If I need to make a purchase in order to fullfill your desires and/or fantasies, I ask that you either provide me with a gift card or purchase the item(s) yourself and bring them along with you. Make sure you get my current sizes from me though, because I tend to fluctuate a little.      
  • Another important repeat....Please arrive as freshly showered and groomed as possible. If this isn't possible before you arrive, you are welcome to shower at my location so please do not hesitate to ask. Manscaping is a must. Good hygiene includes fresh breath so please make this a top priority. I like to kiss, but I will not engage in this intimacy if you have bad breath. If you need mouthwash or a mint, I will always have these items available, again, all you have to do is ask.
  • Always be a gentleman and be respectful. Rude or pushy men will not be tolerated. I will ask you to leave if I am uncomfortable and I won't continue if this situation becomes akward. I respond best to a smooth, steady hand, rather than abrubt and abrasive. Leave your jack hammer at home please and definitely, no ass smacking, biting, hair pulling or pain. Zero.
  • Our mutual safety is my primary concern and hopefully, yours as well. I strive to provide the most liberal meeting, but I do have limits that need to be respected so that I can be mentally comfortable after spending time with you. If I feel like you are attempting to proceed with a specific activity without taking the proper precautions, I will have to ask you to leave and I will decline any future requests to meet with me. 
  • Please do not overstay your time by more than is reasonable or seems necessary. I am not a clock watcher and I consider myself more than generous with my time so please try to be mindful of this and not put me in an uncomfortable position where I need to ask you to leave. If you decide that you would like to extend our time while you are there, please do not assume this is possible, and find out from me first if my schedule allows for it.