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Please be advised that e-mail is my preferred method of contact, unless it is short notice. If this is not possible or time is of the essense, then I ask that you text rather than call in case I am in a environment where I am unable to talk comfortably. Please understand that unless we agreed on a scheduled time to chat, most calls will go to voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Because I am a low volume consultant, I can't see everybody that contacts me so if you would like priority scheduling, please fill out my screening form that includes all the information that I need, including any special requests you might have. It also shows me that you are serious about scheduling time with me and that you respect my need to feel safe and comfortable with you. If you email me and I don't respond within an hour, please shoot me a text letting me know that you have sent me email that is waiting for me. 

For you people that are spontanious and choose to ignore my plees to fill out my screening form (shame on you), please keep in mind that when you call me for an appointment at the last minute, this is not always possible. Not impossible, but it can be challenging. Regardless of wether I am busy or not, I am still going to need some prep time. Please be realistic and reasonable about how soon you think I can be ready. I need at least 2 hours, but 12 to 24 hours is ideal. Rushing is not fun, I do so much better when I can take my time and adequately prepare for our meeting. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you soon!







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