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This is always a great topic to discuss because it is often different for each individual, depending on who you ask. One might assume that it would be pretty easy to figure out because if you think about it, you know how you act with your girlfriend and you know what you watch on porn, but unfortunately, there are discrepencies and I have decided to help anybody who needs it, with a more accurate analysis. Now I don't claim to know everything so if my idea doesn't match a set of rules written down somewhere that I am unaware of, please don't feel the need to correct me because this is only what I have picked up along my journey in this world and based of my personal experience and educated opinion. Please do take note that because I am the one writing this, when and if you're with me, you should know what is and isn't acceptable to me. And just so there isn't any question, I am considered a GFE experience. You may find that some women are a combination of both, but usually tend to lean one way or the other. It doesn't mean that one way is right or that the other is wrong, it merely means that it is the personal preference of the provider and obviously your choice when you are seeking out someone to spend a little time with. I would also consider it helpful when making your decision. So here we go, I hope you enjoy and possibly even find it entertaining. 

Getting aquainted: With the GFE, it would be probably be a good idea to spend a little time doing this because the more comfortable she is, the better the experience. With the PSE, very little if any would be required as she is most likely experienced and accustome to the frequent changing of partners. 

Disrobing: With the GFE, I would keep your cloths on initially and go through the motions of disrobing together. Help undress her and enjoy removing the pieces. Let her help remove yours. With the PSE, feel free to walk right in and strip down, go for it. 

Kissing: An absolute requirement with a GFE, and you will probably want to lean toward a more passionate, gentle kiss, intended as foreplay and a definite ice breaker. Some light nibbling may be acceptable but don't ever bite, suck hard or be overly aggressive. I don't think it matters which experience she is known for, make sure your breath is minty fresh and inviting because it makes kissing that much more of a pleasure instead of a chore. With the PSE, you may not have to put much thought into this. It's often more of an aggressive, got to have you now type of kiss in which you need to spend very little time on because you're down with moving on quickly. Often times, you don't have to kiss at all, I think it's probably your choice. Also with the PSE, I would assume that biting and sucking is acceptable. How hard is going to be the challenge here as every woman is different no matter what category they fall into. 

Foreplay: With the GFE, absolutely, without a doubt, plan on engaging in this before moving on. I would go with soft and tender, and take your time. There isn't any rush to the main event so you'll want to get her ready and prepared for that. And if DIY is your thing, again, soft and tender. If she likes aggressive, you'll probably be able to read that in her body language. Use caution with your hand and finger guestures and be gentle as opposed to acting as if you are in a race to the finish line. Despite what you think, speed is not always neccessary and the smooth, gentle approach can be much more effective in many cases.Try reading her body language, she'll usually give you an idication of what works for her, we are all different, so keep that in mind. Also definitely do your best to ensure she reaches the ultimate goal here first because it only makes the rest more enjoyable. Start slow and go from there. Receiving is not always a guarantee with the GFE, because she is often very picky when it comes to this but when and if it is time for you to receive, I suggest you be neatly groomed in that area and absolutely do not grab the back of her head and try to help out. Let her explore and take her time. She'll probably enjoy teasing you a little so sit back, relax and just enjoy the moment. I doubt she'll want to gag or slobber either, so keep that in mind. You might not want to give a lot of direction here, she's driving, so let her. This is often a bbbj with the GFE, but not a guarantee, it's entirely up to the individual. This goes for eye contact as well. With the PSE, I'm not entirely sure, but you can probably be very aggressive and do your best to check her tonsils, but this is only my guess, so you're on your own. I'm sure you've watched porn though so I would think you may act accordingly. I also believe that it is often a covered situation because no offense, but I think they are less particular about the person therefor, more concerned about their safety. It is also my guess that she not only slobbers but doesn't mind gagging, and that's primarily so you get the full experience. It's hard to know when CIM is acceptable, I will give you that one. I would say with the GFE, no. But because of safety issues, it's usually a no with the PSE as well. She will probably let you release in various other places on her body though so enjoy. Consider asking first  because this can be a sticky situation, no pun intended. 

The main event: Because this is what it is, this is always a covered situation. No exceptions so you're just going to have to accept this. The younger generation of men is use to this so it's a given for them. Elders, not so much, but that's life, so accept it as the norm and what's expected of you. I am aware that they often make things difficult for you, but again, that's life. You might know you are safe, but they certainly don't and not all people are honest, so think about their safety as well as your own. You're typical GFE is most likely going to enjoy a more smooth and steady motion so leave your jack hammer at home. Contrary to white you might believe, this is not always needed in order for her to achieve maximum pleasure. It's more an act of beauty and grace as opposed to the downright hard, fast and aggressive ways that are much more acceptable with a PSE. The typical GFE doesn't speak Greek, so don't even go there. But if she does and you do, use extreme caution and be ever so gentle because this is a big deal to them. The PSE usually really enjoys this and they are much more experienced with this. My guess is that is almost always on the menu but I can't guarantee that so never assume. When it comes to ass smacking, hair pulling and/or choking.....these are big no no's with the GFE. The PSE usually enjoys any or all just mentioned. You can pretty much get crazy with the PSE, the GFE, not so much. If you're looking for the mental connection as well as the physical, go with the GFE. The GFE is not a dirty talker and usually not the one to give you verbal assurance that she is enjoying herself. The PSE might often talk or even raise her voice to let you know that you're be effective, but it might not always be genuine, just sayin'. Don't ask the GFE to talk to you during the act, because it's probably not her thing and forcing it just ruins the moment. Why should you need to be told it's awesome if you are getting physical assurance of this? In my opinion, you're ego shouldn't need stroking if you know what you're doing and if you need to be told that you're a rockstar, then you might just be a little insecure and consider fine tuning your skills as to what they seem to respond to rather than what you think should work. More importantly, keep in mind that even though all women have the same plumbing, what works for one, doesn't always work for another, and that is the bottom line. Be open to the fact that you may have to adjust some to what you might be use to because we are all different. And if you don't care about her part of the experience, then I would definitely seek out the PSE because the GFE is most likely going to want you to care. I also believe you will want to take your time with the GFE, and might not possibly need to with the PSE. Some men believe that because the situation is what it is, it's all about them. I don't think that the GFE will necessarily agree with that so consider that going in. If her pleasure is just as much a concern to you as your own, just pay close attention, it doesn't take rocket science to know if you're being effective, body language will tell you almost everything you need to know. 

I hope you found this information useful and possibly even enjoyed the reading. Best of luck with whatever experience that you seek.